Nursing diagnosis – PARENTAL ROLE CONFLICT

SharePARENTAL  ROLE  CONFLICT DEFINITION Parent experience of role confusion and conflict in response to crisis DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Disruption in care-taking routines • Expressed concern about changes in parental role and family func- tioning, communication, and health • Expressions of inadequacy to provide for child’s needs • Expressed loss of control over decisions relating to [...]

Nursing diagnosis – risk for caregiver role restrain

ShareRISK  FOR  CAREGIVER  ROLE  STRAIN DEFINITION Caregiver is vulnerable for felt difficulty in performing the family caregiver role RISK FACTORS • Not developmentally ready for • Situational factors, such as caregiver role (e.g., young adult who must unexpectedly care for a middle-age parent) close relationship between caregiver and care recipient; discharge of family member • [...]

Nursing diagnosis – caregiver role restrain

ShareCaregiver Role Restrain DEFINITION Difficulty in performing a family caregiver role DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Difficulty performing/completing required tasks • Preoccupation with care routine • Apprehension about care receiver’s health and caregivers’ ability to provide care • Fate of the care receiver if the caregiver becomes ill or dies, or the possible institutionalization of care receiver [...]