Nursing diagnosis – RISK FOR ACUTE CONFUSION

ShareRISK  FOR  ACUTE  CONFUSION DEFINITION At risk for reversible disturbances of consciousness, attention, cogni- tion, and perception that develop over time RISK FACTORS • Alcohol use • Male gender • Decreased mobility or restraints • Medication/drugs • Dementia •   60 years • Fluctuation in sleep–wake • Pain cycle • Metabolic abnormalities • History of stroke [...]

Nursing diagnosis – CHRONIC CONFUSION

ShareCHRONIC  CONFUSION DEFINITION Irreversible, long-standing, and/or progressive deterioration of intel- lect and personality characterized by decreased ability to interpret environmental stimuli; decreased capacity for intellectual thought processes; and manifested by disturbances of memory, orientation, and behavior DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Altered interpretation, response to stimuli, and/or personality • No change in LOC • Clinical evidence of [...]

Nursing diagnosis – ACUTE CONFUSION

ShareACUTE  CONFUSION DEFINITION Abrupt onset of reversible disturbances of consciousness, attention, cognition, and perception that develop over a short period of time. DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Fluctuations in LOC, psychomotor activity, cognition, and sleep–wake cycle • Hallucinations • Impaired perceptive ability • Increased agitation or restlessness • Misperceptions • Lack of motivation to initiate and follow [...]