Nursing Diagnosis – Code 00079 Noncompliance (1973, 1996, 1998 )

Domain 1. Health Promotion Class 2. Health Management


Definition Behavior of person and/or caregiver that fails to coincide with a healthpromoting or therapeutic plan agreed on by the person (and/or family and/or community) and healthcare professional. In the presence of an agreed-upon, health-promoting, or therapeutic plan, the person’s or caregiver’s behavior is fully or partly nonadherent and may lead to clinically ineffective or partially effective outcomes.

Defining Characteristics

■ Development-related complication ■ Exacerbation of symptoms
■ Failure to meet outcomes ■ Missing of appointments ■ Nonadherence behavior

Related Factors

Health System ■ Difficulty in client–provider relationship ■ Inadequate access to care ■ Inconvenience of care ■ Ineffective communication skills of the provider ■ Insufficient follow-up with provider ■ Insufficient health insurance coverage
■ Insufficient provider reimbursement ■ Insufficient teaching skill of the provider ■ Low satisfaction with care ■ Perceived low credibility of provider ■ Provider discontinuity

Healthcare plan

■ Complex treatment regimen ■ Financial barriers ■ High-cost regimen
■ Intensity of regimen ■ Lengthy duration of regimen


■ Cultural incongruence ■ Expectations incongruent with developmental phase ■ Health beliefs incongruent with plan ■ Insufficient knowledge about the regimen
■ Insufficient motivation ■ Insufficient skills to perform regimen ■ Insufficient social support ■ Spiritual values incongruent with plan ■ Values incongruent with plan


■ Insufficient involvement of members in plan ■ Low social value attributed to plan
■ Perception that beliefs of significant other differ from plan