Nursing Diagnosis – Code 00099 Ineffective health maintenance (1982)

Domain 1. Health Promotion Class 2. Health Management

Ineffective health maintenance

Definition Inability to identify, manage, and/or seek out help to maintain health.

Defining Characteristics

■ Absence of adaptive behaviors to environmental changes ■ Absence of interest in improving health behaviors ■ Inability to take responsibility for meeting basic health practices
■ Insufficient knowledge about basic health practices ■ Insufficient social support ■ Pattern of lack of health seeking behavior

Related Factors

■ Alteration in cognitive functioning ■ Complicated grieving ■ Decrease in fine motor skills ■ Decrease in gross motor skills ■ Impaired decision-making ■ Ineffective communication skills
■ Ineffective coping strategies ■ Insufficient resources (e.g., financial, social, knowledge) ■ Perceptual impairment ■ Spiritual distress ■ Unachieved developmental tasks