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Nursing diagnosis – interrupted breastfeeding

ShareInterrupted Breastfeeding DEFINITION Break in continuity of the breastfeeding process as a result of inability or inadvisability to put baby to breast for feeding DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Continued desire to maintain lactation and provide breast milk for infant’s nutritional needs (mother) • Failure to receive nourishment at breast for some or all feedings (infant) • [...]

Nursing diagnosis – ineffective breastfeeding

ShareIneffective Breastfeeding Definition Dissatisfaction or difficulty a mother, infant, or child experiences with the breastfeeding process DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Actual or perceived inadequate milk supply (mother) • Arching and crying when at the breast (infant) • Evidence of inadequate intake (infant) • Fussiness and crying within the first hour of feeding (infant) • Inability to [...]

Nursing diagnosis – effective breastfeeding

ShareEffective Breastfeeding DEFINITION Mother-infant dyad/family exhibits adequate proficiency and satisfaction with breastfeeding process DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS • Ability to promote successful latching on through correct positioning (mother) • Adequate elimination pattern for age (infant) • Appropriate weight pattern for age (infant) • Eagerness to nurse (infant) • Effective communication pattern (mother and infant) • Evidence of [...]